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King of Da World

Summary Not everyone can claim to be the king. Many have tried and many will try in the future. Even in the history of the animal kingdom the battle to be supreme rages on. But we know who the king of all the world is right. Some say it the Lion, while others claim theContinue reading “King of Da World”


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About me
and the show

This podcast explores the tales that have spread throughout the Americas and the Caribbean from the African Diaspora. They are read as I have received them and told in the bedtime story style.

I’m just a guy from California that moved to Texas that didn’t grow up listing to bedtime stories. Also I did not grow up learning about black folk heroes and the stories passed down through generations. Besides all of that I have developed a passion for history and folklore. Now, sharing these stories have become a passion for me.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Love these tales

Informative and full of culture. these are stories more people should know and are well told… and the host’s voice is soooooo smooth and comforting.

— Tranelle

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Good Storytelling!

Excellent delivery of an underserved genre of folklore and myth. If you dig stories and storytelling then this is for you!

— ObiWade

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